Remember Amnesia

Did I or Didn't I?



A US-based Physician from India loses his memory during an accident while visiting India and as his memory comes back, he can’t remember whether he has killed his wife.


Dr. Jay is a popular doctor in Pittsburgh. He is of Indian heritage; but in thoughts, accent, parking habits, he is pure American. He suddenly becomes erratic after getting married. His friends and colleagues could have tried to blame his wife but no one has actually seen her. Dr. Jay, while traveling in India has an accident and apparently loses his memory. Apart from a disturbing vision about a strangled girl, he has no connection to the past. Dr. Smith, the enigmatic CEO of his hospital and Ms. Marks, a formidable lady, who is hard on the outside and harder inside, decide to dig and find out if Dr. Jay is a good guy who was unlucky enough to have a bad accident, or a bad guy lucky enough to have a good accident.