Honey, I Changed the Past

A Comic Love Story – Currently Under Development


Log Line

GOD, a slick computer salesman, allows Eli, an Israeli who dislikes David Ben-Gurion’s aggressiveness and Eli’s wife Nina, an Indian who dislikess Mahatma Gandhi’s passivity, to visit 1942 and switch the leaders’ personalities, with remarkable results.


This is a comic love story between Eli, a peaceful Israeli soldier, and Nina, an Indian scientist who is anything but peaceful. After the marriage, as if the conflict between their religions and cultures was not enough, politics get added to the mix. Eli believes that Israel would have been better off if it had been led at birth not by the assertive David Ben-Gurion, but by pacific Mahatma Gandhi. Nina, in a rare form, agrees with Eli, the only difference being that India would been better off if led by David Ben-Gurion instead of Gandhi. Eli and Nina live happily ever after. Well, almost. Their wishes suddenly come true when they run into God, who sells them a software to change history, enabling them to switch David Ben-Gurion and Mahatma Gandhi in 1942. Things go fabulously. Well, almost. The couple soon realizes that you can’t really mess with the history. With God’s help, they set things right. Well, almost…