Thursday, the 12th

Is there life after death?


Log Line

Three friends kill themselves to find out about “life after death” but after encountering wife’s dead-twin-sister, reversed emotions, shy zombies and yes, democrats, the friends realize that they were better off alive.


Ravi, Jim and Lou are friends that belong to different religions. They decide to figure out whether there is ‘life after death’. Jim kills himself to find out, finds that there is after- life, but rather than letting his friends know, he kills them for company. They are all now in Afterworld-USA, which is simply and sensibly called THE AFTERWORLD. It is a strange place with no money but tokens, no taxes but excess token surcharge penalty and all people are equal except for the people who are more equal. The place has some rich, some poor; some normal, some zombie; some democrats and some more democrats. Emotions are reversed so zombies are docile, cute is ugly, wrong is right, right is left, horror is romantic and mundane is dramatic. Ravi falls for his wife’s dead-twin-sister and ignores his friends, so they naturally kill his wife without telling him.

While the sisters are constantly being mistaken for each other and at times, for themselves, the zombies join actor’s union and go on a rampage. For reasons, that are as loopy, as they are logical, the only way to stop the zombies is to make a Hispanic zombie fall in love with a Chinese Zombie. This ends promptly when the friends wake up from a long dream and they realize that, there may or may not be ‘life after death’ but there is ‘life before death’, and they should enjoy it.